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Patriots and pirates. Cobblestone streets and secret alleyways. Bunkers and antique fire trucks. Walk where heroes and statesmen once tread.

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Charleston Pirate Tours

The pirates of the Caribbean were also the pirates of Charleston! Explore the waterfront, streets, and alleys once frequented by history’s most famous pirates, and discover why Charles Towne’s true pirate history is more exciting and entertaining than Hollywood fiction.

2 - 6 Practice drills with foam rubber pirate swords then use your map to search for clues to the treasure chest. Swords and treasure are yours to keep!

7 - 11 Many famous pirates made Charleston a port-o-call Find out where they went and what they did with an authentically costumed guide and real parrot.

12 - 16 Did you know that Charleston is one of the most haunted cities in America? Help your pirate guide search ghosts on a spooky, evening tour.

Charles Towne Landing

Believe it or not, adventure is berthed at this historic park-the S.S. adventure, that is! Climb aboard the reproduction 17th century merchant vessel docked at the birthplace of the Carolina colony.

2 - 6 Ever seen a bison up close? How about playful otters? Tour the natural habitat zoo for a chance to see incredible wildlife.

7 - 11 All hands on deck at the reproduction ketch moored at Old Towne Creek.

12 - 16 Have an Indiana Jones moment at the park's in-progress archeology dig.

Fort Moultrie

This colonial military bastion is perched on the tip of Sullivan's Island, adjacent to the shipping channel; mighty freighters bound for exotic ports steam past this fort day and night. Pirates, swashbucklers and military heroes all tread here, and now you will, too.

2 - 6 The grassy meadow surrounding the Fort is perfect for cartwheels.

7 - 11 How big is a cannon? Can you wrap your arms around the barrel?

12 - 16 Edgar Allen Poe wrote short stories while stationed at the Fort. Discover more about the writer at the interpretive center.

Fort Sumter

Cruise across the bustling harbor to this island fort located half an hour from the Charleston peninsula. Feel the salt spray on your face, and wave at shorebirds as you make way to this historic garrison.

2 - 6 Can you count the flagpoles that stand watch over the fort?

7 - 11 Find the panoramic view of Charleston painted by artist Thomas Leitch in 1771. See how different the skyline looks today.

12 - 16 2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. Talk with your parents about the importance of freedom and liberty for all people.

Patriot's Point

Smell the nautical paint, hear the wind whistle through the cargo bay, climb the ladders and step onto the flight deck of this heralded aircraft carrier, on which great men served our country with fierce determination and protective loyalty.

2 - 6 Are the fighter jets' wheels taller than you?

7 - 11 The aircraft carrier was home to 360 officers and 3,000 enlisted men. By comparison, how many people attend your school?

12 - 16 Check out the 1950s-era uniforms worn by fighter pilots during their missions.

American LaFrance Fire Museum

Home to a variety of priceless firefighting artifacts, including 18 historic engines, this hands-on museum puts you as close to a fire as possible without getting burned.

2 - 6 Can you locate the "Metropolitan" Steam Pumper?

7 - 11 Experience the smoke and hands-on hose in the Home Fire Hazard Theatre, a powerful tool to help families understand the importance of fire safety education.

12 - 16 Check out the fire truck simulator - is a career as a firefighter in your future?

Center for Birds of Prey

At Hogwarts, the owls deliver mail twice a day. At this one-of-a-kind avian conservatory, the owls, hawks, falcons and eagles are the star of the show.

2 - 6 The sight of soaring wingspan will take your breath away, so sit back and enjoy the flight demonstration.

7 - 11 Taking care of hurt birds requires a lot of training and patience. Ask the people at the avian medical clinic what a veterinary career is like on a day-to-day basis.

12 - 16 Birds of Prey have finely honed hunting skills, but do you know what they eat? Talk to the handler to find out.

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